BCPH Players
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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These are the network's groups. Groups are a way to organize members of this network into smaller groups, by age, region, skill level, club membership, etc..
Advanced Players Pickleball Group

Advanced Players

group for advanced players ... suggested rating of 4.0 or higher or by invitation.
54 members
Intermediate Players Pickleball Group

Intermediate Players

group for intermediate players ... suggested rating of 3.0 or by invitation
191 members
Intermediate/Advanced Players Pickleball Group

Intermediate/Advanced Players

group for intermediate to advanced players ... suggested rating of 3.5 or by invitation
100 members
Learn to Play Pickleball Group

Learn to Play

group open to anyone learning the game or wanting to improve their game
65 members
Lessons With Zsuzsa Pickleball Group

Lessons With Zsuzsa

Lessons are $40.00 + court fees per player. About Zsuzsa Medalist in highest level (open...
26 members
Monday/Wednesday Women's Group Pickleball Group

Monday/Wednesday Women's Group

fun group for women's play of all levels
439 members
Recreation Players Pickleball Group

Recreation Players

group for recreation players ... suggested rating of 2.5 or by invitation
889 members
River Pickles Pickleball Group

River Pickles

intermediate/advanced mixed play by invitation
84 members
Seniors 55+ Pickleball Group

Seniors 55+

A recreational group for all members who are 55 or over. All levels welcome.
5 members
Tuesday/Friday Men's Group Pickleball Group

Tuesday/Friday Men's Group

intermediate to advanced men's play by invitation
59 members
Twisted Pickles Pickleball Group

Twisted Pickles

intermediate to advanced mixed play by invitation organized by Lana Stark
55 members
Weekend Group Pickleball Group

Weekend Group

advanced mixed play by invitation group organized by Nelly Helms
56 members
Women's Time Out Pickleball Group

Women's Time Out

- group by invitation organized by Nelly Helms
126 members
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