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Setting Total Score

3 months 2 days ago #146 by Dan Bradley
If we want to start our ladder with a total gross points, setting points say 100 for winning a match, each point with a value of 5, how do you compensate on days where some players are playing only 3 matches and the others are playing 4 matches?

In my example you get 100 points for winning each match and 5 points for each point scored and 5 points for showing up. That makes a total gross possible score of 530 points for the 3 rounds played, but it works out to a possible 625 points for the players playing 4 rounds. How do you compensate from that possible 95 point possible difference for the day between the 2 courts.

I am brand new at this, so I might have the basic concept of scoring all wrong.

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2 weeks 1 day ago - 2 weeks 1 day ago #160 by oliver brown
Replied by oliver brown on topic Setting Total Score
I want to explore more knowledge of pickleball score some players play 3 matches and some of them play 4, so what did it mean?
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