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How To Start Business In PB

1 month 1 day ago - 1 month 1 day ago #223 by mike young
My 1st post :)
I'm retired, generally one could say I was a rocket scientist, Buck Fuller type. Now I have plenty of time to think & play PB, and might be a 5.0 on average. I'd play Sr Pro but for the entry fees, which I cannot justify on my social security. Even the entry fees are skyrocketing.

With all this time, I play a lot and coach too, and firmly believe I could coach (some) Pros. PB is like chess, and it should be played a certain optimal way. Ben (and Collen) do this very well. The Red Rock final was an example of that. In general, at any given moment, there is an optimal Spot to place the ball. Ben does this, but not all Pros, partly because we're human, and make mistakes, but partly because it takes not just muscle memory, but what I call brain-training to consider all variables before hitting the ball. And all this, taking into account where the Players are now, where they are going and at what speed, what your options are to place the ball, where you are on the court, and more needs to be done in what might be less than a second, for each shot. And many times at the Pro level, the speed at which the ball is hit needs to be adjusted too. Ben does this best. My best advice to any Pro is, copy what Ben does, but try and do it better. Sorry...end of tangent :)

With all this time, I have so many ideas for products and businesses than I have to write them down. Even if I had 10 children, they could not finish them all. Some of these ideas won't go very far I suspect, but some will I think. I also have too many ideas for non-PB patents and products.

How would I go about getting others interested in a PB product, without 'broadcasting' the idea which might then get 'stolen' ?

How does a person with what might be a patent-able or money making idea trust someone else to not steal the idea, sort of like Mark Z did (AFAIK) ?

Would a patent be the best 1st step ?
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