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Round Robin (Skill Based) - Weekday League

Round Robin Session (09:30 AM - 11:00 AM) $5

TRIO Sportsplex & Event Centre
Mon, May 29th, 2023
09:30 am - 11:00 am
Event Fee: C$5.00
All levels players
32 attending
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Skills specific drop-in. We try our best to assign players to courts based on skill level.

Rules and Format
We assign five players to a court and everyone will play four games, and every player will sit off for one game! When five players are assigned to a court, you play first team to 11 points. When only four players are assigned, you play first team to 17 points.

We are playing all the rules of pickleball. These include:

- calling out the score before serving
- making the line calls quickly and make sure everyone hears it. If in doubt, it is in
- foot faults, kitchen faults, CALL THEM! If anyone complains, they should not be in these skills based drop in sessions.
- illegal serves - give a warning
- if the opponent at the net does not let the serve bounce, it is the server's point, no matter how far out of bounds the serve would have been. Take the point and move on.

Demand for our programs is increasing, and many members have been signing up well in advance and then cancelling the day before. You can now sign up 8 days in advance but if you cancel 24 hours or less before the event start time, no refund will be issued. All refunds will incur a minimum admin fee of $1 or 5% from all other player cancellations.
Event Attendees
# Picture Name Joined
1Murray Young
May 22nd 2023
2Bonnie Chusid
May 22nd 2023
3Debbie Kennedy
May 22nd 2023
4Maria Teresa Cordts
May 22nd 2023
5Joanne Reaume
May 22nd 2023
6Angus Ma
May 22nd 2023
7Steve Davey
May 22nd 2023
8Chris Gardner
May 22nd 2023
9Irv Klajman
May 22nd 2023
10Mindy Berchansky
May 22nd 2023
11Nancy Bresinger
May 22nd 2023
12Jackie Nadler
May 22nd 2023
13Susie Bousada
May 22nd 2023
14Maurice Tousson
May 22nd 2023
15Dalia Reichman
May 22nd 2023
16Miriam Esther Bitton
May 22nd 2023
17Paul Curti
May 22nd 2023
18Auri Tiano
May 22nd 2023
19Floreana Massaro
May 22nd 2023
20Peter Rapini
May 26th 2023
21Carol Hughes
May 26th 2023
22Peggy Singer
May 26th 2023
23Simon Mak
May 26th 2023
24Mark Potashner
May 26th 2023
25Vicki Tousson
May 26th 2023
26Lilly Zeltzer
May 26th 2023
27Ellen Balshin
May 26th 2023
28Marisa Allen
May 26th 2023
29Jocelyn Slatt
May 26th 2023
30John NC Chan
May 26th 2023
31Jane Luk
May 26th 2023
32Bernie Hayhoe
May 28th 2023
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Susan Guglietti
2 days
Sorry family emergency

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Event complete
May 29th 2023
09:30 am
TRIO Sportsplex & Event Centre
601 Cityview Blvd
Vaughan, Ontario, L4H 0T1
(905) 417-3700 ext. 224
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