La Crosse Pickleball - Ladder Leagues

Thursday Night Ladder League (2022)

Oak Park
Thu, Sep 22nd, 2022
06:00 pm - 07:30 pm
All level players
24 attending
Event complete
Players will be matched up to be in the most competitive grouping possible.

Each player will play 3 games to 15, rotating partners with each person on the court.

Scores will be loaded, ranking adjusted, and new groupings will be made each week according to the algorithm.
Who Can Join?
This event is only for players in this ladder:
Doubles Ladder - 2022
Event Attendees
# Picture Name Joined Checked In
1Jared Olive
Sep 8th 2022Yes
2Jason Benrud
Sep 8th 2022Yes
3Krister Mattson
Sep 8th 2022Yes
4Nick Randall
Sep 8th 2022Yes
5Jen Kuehn
Sep 8th 2022Yes
6Doug Kuehn
Sep 8th 2022Yes
7Sophia Cannarella
Sep 8th 2022Yes
8Michael Peek
Sep 8th 2022Yes
9Don Johnson
Sep 8th 2022Yes
10Cordell Adamson
Sep 8th 2022
11Theresa Held
Sep 8th 2022Yes
12Ryan McCann
Sep 8th 2022
13Adam Archer
Sep 21st 2022Yes
14Randy Von ruden
Sep 10th 2022Yes
15Beth Osowski
Sep 11th 2022Yes
16Robbie Sobczak
Sep 11th 2022
17Sandy Schuman
Sep 12th 2022Yes
18Ryan Bunting
Sep 12th 2022Yes
19Kent Bruden
Sep 12th 2022Yes
20Mark Gumienny
Sep 15th 2022Yes
21Sharon SChmelzer
Sep 18th 2022Yes
22Fred Schmelzer
Sep 18th 2022Yes
23Corina Turriff
Sep 19th 2022
24Joshua Rollins
Sep 22nd 2022Yes
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Event complete
Sep 22nd 2022
06:00 pm
Oak Park
2011 Craig Lane W
Onalaska, Wisconsin, 54650
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