[Private] Hub Paddle Gang (Sundays 11am-1pm)

Queen City Pickleball Hub
Sun, Jan 29th, 2023
11:00 am - 01:00 pm
Event Fee: C$12.36
All levels players
8 attending
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Pay via GPN when you opt-in or at the front desk when you arrive.
*Event fees are non-refundable
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[Private] Hub Paddle Gang
Event Attendees
# Picture Name Joined
1Deb Zick
Jan 23rd 2023
2Donna Ziegler
Jan 24th 2023
3Lisa Trembley
Jan 24th 2023
4Wendy Petrisor
Jan 25th 2023
5Jessica Fox
Jan 26th 2023
6Kelly Willcox
Jan 26th 2023
7Audrey Joostema
Jan 26th 2023
8Sharon Brown
Jan 27th 2023
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Sharon Brown
2 days, 1 hour

Jessica Fox
3 days, 4 hours

Wendy Petrisor
3 days, 19 hours

Donna Ziegler
5 days, 5 hours
Lori B is my partner

Deb Zick
6 days, 4 hours
Marnie partner.

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Jan 29th 2023
11:00 am
Queen City Pickleball Hub
1700 Elphinstone St
Regina, Saskatchewan, S4T 1K1
(639) 999-3465
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[Private] Hub Paddle Gang
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