Richmond Hill Pickleball Club (Private -Official)
Richmond Hill, Ontario
99 members
Members: 99
Founded: Jan 03, 2023
Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Network organizer:
Mike Bowcott
Welcome to the Richmond Hill Pickleball Club. The Club was incorporated in April 2022 as a not-for-profit pickleball club operating in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

We are inviting all "residents" in Richmond Hill to join the Club via the GPN network. The club does not have a dedicated facility, but we will permit courts and apply for community affiliation with the City of Richmond Hill. To comply with the terms of affiliation, 75% of our members must be Richmond Hill residents. We therefore require members to complete their profile with full name and contact information.

We are asking all members of the Richmond Pickleball Network who are residents of Richmond Hill to join the "Richmond Hill Pickleball Club"
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Richmond Hill Pickleball Club (Private -Official) is a network of pickleball players located in Richmond Hill, Ontario
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