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Gil Morris

Gil Morris

Location: Anderson, Indiana
Joined:December 16, 2020
Levels:Singles: 3.500Doubles: 3.143
Last Visit:A few days ago
Network Points:6,560 (ranked #31 in this network)
GPN Points:5,248 (ranked #181 worldwide)
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RH Poppy Pickleballer
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2023 BCC Spring Doubles League (WED)Rank: 1Ladder League2023-02-202023-04-30
BCC Spring 2023 (DUPR) - Individual Round RobinRank: 25Ladder League2023-02-062023-02-06
2022 BCC Winter Doubles League (WED)Rank: 4Ladder League2022-11-022023-02-07
2022 BCC Fall Doubles League (MON)Rank: 20Ladder League2022-08-082022-10-17
2022 BCC Spring Doubles League (MON)Rank: 15Ladder League2022-02-212022-05-09
2022 BCC Spring Doubles League (WED)Rank: 15Ladder League2022-02-092022-05-04
2021 BCC Winter Doubles League II (WED)Rank: 16Ladder League2021-11-102022-02-09
2021 BCC Winter Doubles League II (MON)Rank: 10Ladder League2021-11-082022-02-07
BCC Winter 2021 Play In NightRank: 5Tournament2021-10-252021-11-16
2021 BCC Fall Doubles League (WED)Rank: 15Ladder League2021-08-182021-10-20


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Updated: 2022-10-13

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Updated: 2021-12-23

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Updated: 2021-12-23

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Gil Morris      BCC Pickleball
1 year, 1 month
I would like to thank my family and my parents and the academy for my designation of “Top 100 most active players worldwide”. Even though my record is 115 wins and 2,134 losses, I so appreciate the recognition as a “participant”! Thanks for the support and encouragement from all of my loyal Pickleball partners over the years.

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    Singles self rating: 3.50
    Doubles self rating: 3.50


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