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Carl Willi

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Retired Navy Mustang. USAPA Referee
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PGAV 2021Rank: 4Team League2021-01-092021-03-27


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Carl Willi      PGA Village
1 year, 10 months
Registration for our summer league closes in 2 weeks time. To date we have 28 players in the network with 8 pending sign on. If you know of someone who would like to join us, please contact them and encourage then to sign up. It will only make our season better.

See you on the courts!

Carl Willi

Carl Willi      PGA Village
2 years, 4 months
Hello from RI. Been chilly up here and PB a bit slow, but finding places to play. Truly miss PSL but will return....... eventually. All the best and remember to dink with determination and drive it like you stole it. // Cheers

Carl Willi      PGA Village
2 years, 4 months
Tuesday will probably be my last PB day here in Florida until our rtn. Hope to see you all there......

Carl Willi      PGA Village
2 years, 4 months
TEST - Rich, this is under network comments which is the megaphone next to the email icon top left.

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