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Mike Bowcott

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Mike Bowcott

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Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario
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Created the Richmond Hill Pickleball Network.
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A Division League (Skill = 3.0+ ) Nov 12 - Dec 17 (League is FULL)Rank: 1Ladder League2022-11-122022-12-17
Monday 6:00 PM SessionRank: 1Ladder League2022-10-172022-12-21
Wednesday 8:00 PM SessionRank: 1Ladder League2022-10-172022-12-21
RHP - BA - WED 6:30 PMRank: 1Ladder League2022-10-122022-10-12
A Division League (Skill = 3.0+ ) October 1 - Nov 5, 2022Rank: 1Ladder League2022-10-012022-11-05
A Division Ladder League (Skill = 4.0+ ) April 16 SessionRank: 10Ladder League2022-04-162022-05-14
A Division Ladder League (Skill = 4.0+ )Rank: 2Ladder League2022-03-122022-04-09


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Mike Bowcott      Kings College Park
2 years, 11 months
Richmond Hill has built its first two outdoor Pickleball courts at Kings College Park. You can access them by parking in the Adrienne Clarkson Public School parking lot.