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Rick Flores

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Rick Flores

Premium member
Location: Santa Clara, Utah
Joined:August 26, 2020
Levels:Singles: 4.000Doubles: 3.832
Last Visit:Less than a month ago
Network Points:3,860 (ranked #64 in this network)
GPN Points:3,088 (ranked #506 worldwide)
About Me
Spring 2023 Monday AM Mixer 4.0+Rank: 8Ladder League2023-04-172023-05-22
Winter 2023 Monday AM Mix 4.0+Rank: 17Ladder League2023-01-232023-03-27
Summer 2022 Wednesday PM Mixer 4.0+Rank: 6Ladder League2022-06-082022-07-20
Summer 2022 Tuesday PM Men's 4.0+Rank: 7Ladder League2022-06-072022-07-19
Spring 2022 Wednesday PM Mixer 4.0+Rank: 2Ladder League2022-03-302022-05-18
Spring 2022 Monday AM Mix4.0+Rank: 8Ladder League2022-03-282022-05-23
Winter 2022 Wednesday PM Mixer 4.0+Rank: 6Ladder League2022-01-262022-03-09
Winter 2022 Monday AM Mix 4.0+Rank: 12Ladder League2022-01-242022-03-07
Fall 2021 Wednesday PM 4.0+Rank: 12Ladder League2021-10-202021-11-24
Fall 2021 Monday AM Mix 4.0+Rank: 7Ladder League2021-10-182021-11-22


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Rick Flores      Santa Clara, Utah
1 year, 11 months
Looking to play singles or doubles in Santa Clara or Little Valley.
2.75 to 4.00

Rick Flores      St. George Pickleball
2 years, 5 months
Looking to play anytime after 10am. I'm new to this site and need some direction in using it.
I live in Santa Clara.
3.00 to 3.50

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    Singles self rating: 4.00
    Doubles self rating: 4.00


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