PGA Village

PGAV 2023

Port St. Lucie, Florida
January 01, 2023 - March 31, 2024
Pickleball League Id: 234
Pickleball League
This is a private league. Only network members are allowed to view this league.
League Philosophy: To promote the growth of pickleball within the PGA Village, cultivate positive social interactions, improve our pickleball skills, and have fun. The team captains should strive to include everyone in play and assisting everyone in skill development.

The USAP 2022 pickleball rules will apply to all play

- There will be women's doubles, men’s doubles and two mixed doubles matches.
- Men's and Woman's doubles matches will play first, followed by the mixed double matches.
- All matches will be played on Saturday at time specified by the schedule. (Note: The team captains may agree to postpone the match to anytime up to the following Friday at 4 PM.)
- Rain-out matches will be rescheduled by agreement of the captains but must be played by the following Friday at 4 PM.
- Three Franklin yellow X-40 game balls will be supplied to each captain by the League at the beginning of the season. These balls shall be used for the entire league season and only for league matches. The home captain will provide the game balls for the matches.
- Before each match, the "home" captain will toss a coin and the "away" captain will choose heads or tails. The winning team will select either; “end, serve, receive or defer the choice”.
- Teams will change ends after each game. If a third game is played, the teams will again change ends when a team has reached 6 points.
- Each team is allowed two, one minute time outs per game.
- No coaching is allowed except during a time out or end change.
- Scores sheets must be returned to the Commissioner and the end of the match, but no later than the following Wednesday.

- All games will be first to 11, win by two points. NOTE - If the score reaches 14-14 in any match, the winner of the next point (by 1) wins. So, the team with 15 points wins.
- A match is the best of 3 games. One point is awarded for each game won, or two points per match. The team with the most match wins at the end of the season is designated the league champion. Game points will be used in the event of a season ending ties.

- If a player is injured during a game and the match cannot continue, the team with the injury defaults the match.
- Any team that cannot play by the following Friday at 4 PM, will default the match.
- If any team that cannot field a full lineup to begin a match within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time will default, based on the discretion of the opposing team captain.

Disputes: Any dispute will be mediated by the Commissioner (Carl Willi).
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PGAV 2023 is a pickleball team league in Port St. Lucie, Florida.
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