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This is a private league. Only network members are allowed to view this league.
There will be six four person teams. The teams will be selected from the registrants through a serpentine style draft by the six team captains. Team captains will be selected by The WPC Competition Committee.
The first five weeks of the league will be played as three head to head matches between two teams. For example, 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, and 5 vs 6. Each week the team captains will assign each player on their team a designation of A, B, C, D. Each match consists of games between AB vs AB, CD vs CD, AC vs AC, BD vs BD, AD vs AD, BC vs BC. During the course of the season, all teams will play one another one time.
All games are played to 15 win by 1. Each match will generate 7 potential wins or losses for the standings as each match between each combination accounts for one game outcome (6). The combined total points of each team will account for the 7th outcome.
At the end of the season there will be a playoff to determine gold, silver, and bronze. The playoff format will be as follows:
* 1st vs 2nd play for gold or silver
* 3rd vs 4th play for bronze
* 5th vs 6th play to avoid “the booby pickle prize”.
During the season, there will likely be a need to use substitutes. We will solicit a pool of substitutes and verify WPC membership. Team captains must use this list. All substitutes will play for free. Team captains will be responsible for ensuring they have a full compliment of players each week. If a full team can’t be fielded, there will be a forfeit for each game that the team can’t play during a match. Forfeits will be recorded as 15-0.
Questions can be directed to Mike Kline:
mak1309-2@hotmail.com or 703-856-8519
Accumulated win and loss records will determine the final standings. Fewest points allowed will be used as first tie breaker. If a second tie breaker is needed most points scored will be used. If there is still a tie, we will use a coin flip best two out of three by affected team captains. The playoff matches will follow the same format as the regular season matches with the same tie breaker rules.
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WPC Pickledome League 2023 is a pickleball team league in Montclair, Virginia.
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