YWCA Wellness Center Pickleball
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
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Piedmont Pickleball

Pickleball League
This is a private league. Only league players are allowed to view this league.
6-8 teams per division
6 players play per match
8-12 players per team
Need team captains.
Play time reserved at YWCA Winston Salem
Night and Saturday play for under 65
Daytime for 65 and older
$25 entry fee
Play starts week of February 20 for 8 weeks.
1 match per week
YWCA membership required or $5 day for play at YWCA
ONIX indoor Fuse yellow
Divisions by skill level, gender and age groups
Championship playoff of top 3 teams.
Registration starts 21 December, 2022.
Final registration date: Feb 12, 2023.
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Piedmont Pickleball is a pickleball team league in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
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