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PGA Team League Pickleball is a modified version of Major League Pickleball (MLP). MLP is an innovative team competition where top men and women pro pickleball players are drafted by team owners in a unique format of 4 players competing each week against another team.

For our PGA Team League, a team consists of six (6) players with four (4) of the players competing weekly against another team over the course of two months using Rules that encompass a novel and fan-friendly format, with twists on traditional match-ups and scoring for Games, Matches, and Tiebreakers. Teams compete against each other in Matches. A Match consists of four Games, one women’s doubles Game, one men’s doubles Game, and then two mixed doubles Games. If two teams are tied after these four games, an innovative tiebreaker known as the “DreamBreaker™” is played, with a rotational system involving all four players.
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PGA Team League Pickleball is a pickleball team league in La Quinta, California.
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