COITP Wednesday Night League

Pickleball League
This is a private league. Only league players are allowed to view this league.
EARLY START TIME: 6 PM (start time is 6:15 PM, not 6:20 PM, etc., If the team players are late then it will result in a forfeit.)
LATER START TIME: 8:15 (If Court 1 or 2 are available, you can use that court. If not Court A and Court B are for league use)
COURTS: 1, 2 A, B
LIGHTS: Will stay on until 10:45 PM
Scoring Format: Women's/Mixed/Men's matches will play 2 out of 3 games WIN BY 1. If a 3rd game is necessary, switch ends at 6. This league will be using points to determine teams' placement. If a team wins 2 games =1 point. For the new captains, I can explain this to you when I see you. Or you can reach out.

Each team is responsible for keeping the score. The WINNING TEAM will submit scores. The scorecard is attached to this email. Once your matches are over, please email me the results within 48 hours, not 3 days or a week. By delaying score submission it will result in a forfeit.

Who plays first? Women's/Mixed/Mens

Player Rotations: We will be using the same format for player rotations. A team can rotate players after a game. If you want to keep your players for all 2 out of 3 games you can. If you want to rotate your players after game 1 you can. This is about strategy so use your players wisely.
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COITP Wednesday Night League is a pickleball team league in Irvine, California.
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