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Welcome to San Antonio MLP Fall 2023! What is MLP format?

There are 2 women and 2 men on a team. Each team match will consist of a minimum of 4 games:
1 womens doubles game
1 mens doubles game
2 mixed doubles games

Pre-match coin flip winner can choose : serve, receive, home or away.
If you choose "home", your opponent will reveal their mixed doubles lineup first.
If you choose "away", your opponent will reveal their dreambreaker lineup first.
If you choose "serve", your team will serve first all 4 games.
If you choose "receive", your team will receive first all 4 games.

If you choose serve or receive, your opponent chooses home or away.

All 4 games will be played for each team match. Each game will be rally scoring to 21, win by 2. Switch ends when a team reaches 11. Must *win* on serve. No freeze. If the trailing team catches up to tie the score at 20-20, the receiving team will score a point on a sideout because they do not win the game with 21.

For games 2, 3, and 4, teams will start the next game where their team ended previous game.

If the match is tied 2 games apiece, the teams will play a dreambreaker to determine the match winner. The home team will reveal the order of their lineup first. During the dreambreaker, each player will play 4 "mini singles" (aka skinny singles) rallies at a time. The dreambreaker scoring is the same as the other games – first team to 21, win by 2, no freeze, win on serve.

Mini singles description:

Simone explains skinny singles:

There will be 5 weeks of play + playoffs.

Any questions - contact Spike or Chip!
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MLP Fall 2023 is a pickleball team league in San Antonio, Texas.
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