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angus lee
Angus Lee- Pickleball Instructor

Experienced teaching players of all levels. 5.0 level singles & doubles player

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Pickleball Instructor

Experienced teaching players of all levels. 5.0 level singles & doubles player

Engage Pickleball & NVZ Pickleball Sponsored Athlete, FILA Pickleball Sponsored Ambassador

2022 USA Pickleball Newport Championship - 5.0 Men’s Doubles Gold

2022 Hawaii Pacific Rim Cup- 5.0 Men's Singles Gold

2021 USA Pickleball Nationals Championship - Men’s Doubles Silver Medalist


Location: Arcadia/ Pasadena

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Eric Monzon
2 weeks, 1 day
I had a great group session with Angus yesterday! He taught us the basics on how to hold the paddle correctly to help me perform forearm and backhand ground strokes with proper form. We practiced hitting at different levels on the court at the baseline, transition zone and kitchen line. We also performed the skinny singles drill which gave us practice to hit the ball directly in front of us. It was a great mix of learning the fundamentals and drills that can be utilized when I am practicing on my own time with my group friends as well. This session was a must to improve my game. It was a 5 star lesson from a 5 star coach and would recommend lessons from Angus from beginners to intermediate players. I definitely would take another class!

Trisha W
2 weeks
Angus is a very attentive and caring instructor. I thought I could get better by practicing pickleball regularly without lessons, but his coaching really helped me improve upon every aspect of the game. I participated in a group lesson with three other people, yet it still felt very personal. Angus does an incredible job at highlighting what needs improvement and will coach you until you do it properly. Even with just one lesson I already see so much improvement. Thanks Angus!

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