Raymond Greenwood

Raymond Greenwood

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan
Joined:April 04, 2022
Levels:Singles: 3.000Doubles: 4.386
Last Visit:Very recently
GPN Points:15,648 (ranked #12 worldwide)
About Me
I have played Pickleball for five or six years. I am an avid tournament player and have won gold medals at both the Canadian and US national championships. My brother and I opened QCHP with the hope of expanding the game in Regina. We most recently opened a facility in Saskatoon as well.
Summer Men's LadderRank: 4Ladder League2023-05-062023-07-31
Summer Intermediate Team LadderRank: 4Ladder League2023-05-022023-07-31
Summer Advanced Team LadderRank: 9Ladder League2023-05-012023-07-31
Winter Advanced Team LadderRank: 9Ladder League2023-01-012023-04-30
Winter Intermediate Team LadderRank: 17Ladder League2023-01-012023-04-30
Winter Mixed Team LadderRank: 14Ladder League2023-01-012023-04-23
Winter Men's LadderRank: 1Ladder League2023-01-012023-04-23
Fall Men's LadderRank: 3Ladder League2022-09-012022-11-04
Fall Advanced Team LadderRank: 14Ladder League2022-09-012022-11-04
Fall Intermediate Team LadderRank: 10Ladder League2022-09-012022-11-03


2022 Fall Competitive Ladders

Fall Men's Ladder
Received: 2022-11-11

2022 Summer Competitive Ladders

Intermediate Team Ladder
Received: 2022-08-31


Top 100 Most Active Player Worldwide

One of the 100 most active players worldwide
Updated: 2023-05-30

Top 10 Most Active Player Worldwide

One of the 10 most active players worldwide
Updated: 2023-05-02

100 Matches Played

100 or more matches played
Updated: 2022-07-08

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50 or more matches played
Updated: 2022-05-28

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10 or more matches played
Updated: 2022-04-22


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    Singles self rating: 3.00
    Doubles self rating: 4.00


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