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This is an overview of all things pickleball in Woodside, New York. From here, you can quickly see all the pickleball leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Woodside, New York.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a pickleball partner, and get to know the pickleball players near you.

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Local Stats

Ladder Leagues Underway:
Team Leagues Underway:
Tournaments Underway:
Total Matches Played: 2,963

1665 Local Players

Activities Underway
Picture Name Type Players Matches Network
TPC 2023 Winter LeagueLadder League126462Triboro Pickleball Club
Women's Ladder LeagueLadder League00
TPC 2023 Spring KickoffTournament6475Triboro Pickleball Club
Spring SmashesLadder League20
TPC 2023 Spring LeagueLadder League150Triboro Pickleball Club
Manhattan/Williamsburg spring 23 leagueLadder League10
Fort Hamilton Ladder League (Spring)Ladder League97268
TPC 2023 Diamond ClassicTournament30Triboro Pickleball Club
Testing 123 123Tournament00
These are all the leagues and tournaments currently underway in the area.
Local Chat
Looking for a pickleball partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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Nachure Collins      Brooklyn, New York
1 month
Any indoor places to play tonight ?

Ken Wilkinson      Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 2
1 month
Playing tonight from 8:00 pm until 10:00 pm

Cindy Chen      Garden City, New York
1 month
Hi, fall in love with pickleball now. Looking forward to C new friend, or partner.

Susie Kurtz      New York City, New York
2 months, 3 weeks
My friend and I are looking for two beginner pickle ball partners
adult2.25 to 2.50

Mark Hatter      Greenwich, Connecticut
1 year, 8 months
Interested in playing pickleball singles or doubles.

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
7 months
The best way to meet new players, organize play times, track matches, and receive a calculated playing level, is to play in a ladder league. Running a ladder league is free, and anyone can start one in minutes.

Learn more here:

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
3 months, 1 week
Here is a step by step guide to starting a pickleball club:

beth L      Woodbridge, New Jersey
7 months, 1 week
Looking for a pickle ball player and court near Woodbridge Nj.
femalesenior2.75 to 3.50

Charlie Heuschkel      Wyckoff, New Jersey
4 months, 1 week
I am going to be at my daughters house from Wednesday afternoon to Friday morning.looking to pick up a game tomorrow after 4 or Thursday am.Thanks

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
4 months, 2 weeks
Surprise friends and family by gifting them a premium membership. Go here:

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Local Events
Mar 29 - Apr 04 Add
Where is everyone playing pickleball? Use an event to organize play sessions for a group of players. Players can rsvp for an event, and the system takes care of the rest. Learn more.
Local Pickleball Courts
Public Club School Private
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
40-30 62nd St, Queens County

0.51 m
St. Michael's Playground
62-5 30th Ave., Queens County

0.52 m
Louis C. Moser Playground
25th Avenue at 76th Street, Queens County

1.01 m
Ravenswood Playground
21st St, Queens County

1.80 m
Triborough Bridge Playground A
14 Hoyt Ave N, Queens

2.01 m
Fastbreak Sports
1629 1st Ave., New York City

2.99 m
The Post BK
100 Dobbin St, Kings County

3.21 m
St. Vartan Park
2nd Ave & 36th St, New York City

3.75 m
North Meadow Handball Courts
Central Park West, New York City

4.03 m
Active Pickleball Tennis Center @ Queens College
65-30 Kissena Blvd, Queens County

4.39 m
Sol Lain Playground
290 E Broadway, New York City

4.92 m
James J Walker Park
Hudson St, New York City

5.56 m
Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 2
150 Furman St, Brooklyn

6.15 m
Northwest 'Pop-Up' Park
1226 Adams St, Hoboken

6.79 m
Crocheron Park
214-41 34th Ave, Queens

7.21 m
Roy Wilkins Recreation Center
177-01 Baisley Blvd, Queens County

8.31 m
Overpeck County Park
40 Fort Lee Rd, Leonia

9.36 m
Leif Ericson Park
66th St & 8th Ave, Kings County

10.06 m
Clinton G. Martin Park
Marcus Ave & New Hyde Park Rd, New Hyde Park

11.28 m
8711 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, Kings County

11.40 m
John J. Carty Park
100th St, Brooklyn

11.73 m
Ft Hamilton Senior Center
100 St & Ft Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn

11.73 m
I.S. 98 Bay Academy
1401 Emmons Ave, Kings County

11.85 m
Pickleball Plus
525 Eagle Ave, West Hempstead

13.96 m
Hempstead Lake State Park
Eagle Ave, West Hempstead

14.33 m
Robbie Wagner Tournament Training Center
142 Glenwood Rd, Glenwood Landing

14.51 m
Memorial Park
4 Baldwin Ave, Larchmont

14.78 m
Memorial Park
John F Kennedy Dr N, Bloomfield

15.45 m
Glen Head Racquet Club
95 Glen Head Rd, Glen Head

15.66 m
Bonnie Briar Country Club
808 Weaver St, Larchmont

15.69 m
Jewish Community Center- Bernikow
1466 Manor Rd, Richmond County

15.91 m
Brookdale Park
19 Argyle Rd, Montclair

16.21 m
Greenbelt Recreation Center
501 Brielle Ave, Richmond County

16.55 m
Sports Performance Nation
575 Merrick Ave, Westbury

16.76 m
Baldwin Park
3232 Grand Ave, Baldwin

17.82 m
Carefree Racquet Club
1414 Jerusalem Ave, North Merrick

18.00 m
Speno Park
752 East Meadow Ave, East Meadow

18.82 m
Town Park
2550 Clubhouse Rd, Merrick

19.17 m
Kawameeh Park
337 Kawameeh Dr, Union

19.39 m
Staten Island South Shore YMCA
3939 Richmond Ave, Richmond County

19.80 m
Road Park
2569 Newbridge Rd, Bellmore

20.27 m
Upper Ridgewood Tennis Club
915 Glenview Rd, Ridgewood

20.89 m
Byram Park
4 Ritch Ave W, Greenwich

21.94 m
Western Middle School
1 Western Jr Hwy, Greenwich

22.26 m
Christiano Park
Lyon Ave, Greenwich

22.77 m
Fairview Park
Bricktown Way, Richmond County

22.96 m
Brookside Racquet & Swim Club
480 Brookside Ave, Allendale

23.08 m
Greenwich Platform Tennis Courts
Loughlin Ave, Greenwich

25.20 m
Eastern Greenwich Civic Center
90 Harding Rd, Greenwich

26.57 m

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Will Kang
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Alex Wesley
New York City, New York
Dale Hua
New York City, New York
Calvin Chin
New York City, New York
Geoffrey Kao
New York City, New York
Cecy Wang
New York City, New York
Matina Fragkogianni
New York City, New York
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Calvin Chin
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P Adam Walsh
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Angelo Guidone
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Mandy W
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Seth Giurato

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