Global Pickleball Network LogoGlobal Pickleball Network was created in 2018 using the same software that runs one of the largest communities of tennis players on earth. That site is Global Tennis Network. Global Tennis Network has been helping tennis players organize, find, and play more tennis since 2007. GTN has arranged hundreds of thousands of tennis matches, and created many new and innovative tools that changed the way people played tennis.

With pickleball and tennis being so similar, and with pickleball's popularity exploding, it just made sense to create a version for pickleball. Not to mention, we really wanted to use our own software to play more pickleball.

The goal of Global Pickleball Network is to provide the tools players need to organize and play more pickleball.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

Read the full story of how it all began here.