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Create a ladder league, team league or tournament for free in minutes. You can even embed them on your own website.

To manage all your events and players, you may also want to create a network. Networks create an online community with all the tools you need to organize your matches and events.

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The first step to using GPN, is to register. Registration only takes a few minutes and is free.
The best way to meet new players, and play more pickleball, is to join a pickleball network. If you can't find one, you can start one.
Besides joining a network, there are many other ways you can find a pickleball partner using GPN.
Ladder home page.

Calculated Playing Levels

Using your history of pickleball league, tournament and practice matches, your singles and doubles playing levels will be calculated using a highly accurate algorithm.

For each pickleball match played, this algorithm takes into account your opponent's calculated level, the accuracy of their level, and the type of match played, to calculate a very accurate playing level. Your calculated levels can even be tracked over time, giving you a history of your progression. Learn more.

Most Active Networks

St. George PickleballSt. George Pickleball
St George, Utah
QCPH PlayersQCPH Players
Regina, Saskatchewan
Sangamon County, IllinoisSangamon County, Illinois
Springfield, Illinois
TN Senior Olympics (TSO)TN Senior Olympics (TSO)
Chattanooga, Tennessee
BCC PickleballBCC Pickleball
Anderson, Indiana
CommunitySW PickleballCommunitySW Pickleball
Pendleton, Indiana
Mixed Dinks Orange County Pickleball LeagueMixed Dinks Orange County Pickleball League
Huntington Beach, California
RAPA (Rochester Area Pickleball Association)RAPA (Rochester Area Pickleball Association)
Rochester, Minnesota
Raleigh-Cary Jewish Community CenterRaleigh-Cary Jewish Community Center
Raleigh, North Carolina
GTA PickleballGTA Pickleball
Toronto, Ontario

GPN Points Leaderboard

Kellie Dwyer
Anderson, Indiana
Jeannette Brown
Anderson, Indiana
Jeffrey Marcynuk
Regina, Saskatchewan
Robert Berry
Delray Beach, Florida
Jeff Templeton
Regina, Saskatchewan
Jacob Perry
Anderson, Indiana
Brian Abrams
Vernal, Utah
Jama L Donovan
Anderson, Indiana
Jess Engle
Anderson, Indiana
Rick Bigelow
Kingston, Ontario
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