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At Global Pickleball Network, we let you create and manage your own pickleball tournaments, run completely online. There is no need for specialized pickleball tournament software. Here are just a few of the features of our tournament platform:
  • Singles or doubles
  • Brackets up to 128 teams
  • Single elimination (optional 3rd place match)
  • Double elimination
  • Round robins
  • First round consolation
  • Email notifications
  • Collect fees online
  • Schedule matches
Control every aspect of your tournament, from the bracket size, singles or doubles, scheduling, match formats and more. Give our demo tournament a try, or start your own tournament for free!
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The best way to see all the features our pickleball tournaments have to offer, is to give it a try in our demo tournament. Feel free to change the bracket, submit scores, add players, and play around with the settings. Don't worry, you can't break anything. Just be sure to log in first.

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A pickleball tournament is a great way to get a bunch of friends together, and play some competitive pickleball.

Our tournament software gives you all the tools you need to manage your tournaments. You can even collect fees and award prizes.
Need a singles tournament? Doubles? Double elimination? How about different match formats? Or scheduled match times and locations? Don't worry, we can do it.
Once created, our pickleball tournaments pretty much run themselves. Bracket positions are updated in real time as your players submit their matches.
Add a fun aspect to your tournaments and allow your players to predict the outcome of the tournament.
If you need to charge a fee to join your pickleball tournament, we can help. All you need is a Stripe account.


Our pickleball tournaments can be created and played anywhere in the world.

Mobile Friendly

Your pickleball tournaments will look great on any device including phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Web-based Software

Access your pickleball tournament with any device connected to the internet. No software is needed.

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