At Global Pickleball Network, we keep our fees to a minimum. In fact, most of the features we have can be used for free, and the paid features are dirt cheap. Basically, you don't have to worry about expensive software ever again!


Here are some of the features that you can use for free...

  • Find a pickleball court
  • Search for pickleball partners
  • Profile page with match statistics
  • Receive a calculated playing level
  • Submit practice matches
  • Create and run ladder leagues
  • Create and run team leagues
  • Create and run tournaments
  • Add or join scheduled play


The only time it costs money to use GPN is when you sign up for a premium membership. Premium memberships unlock certain features, including the ability to create a network. A network is like your own online community. Networks help organize all your members, leagues, tournaments, and events. Here are just a few features of a network...

  • Customize the look of your network
  • Network registration page
  • Manage player memberships
  • Charge membership and event fees
  • Send invitations
  • Take court reservations
  • Private messaging system for members
  • Send text messages
  • Create RSVP events and take payments
  • Add members to any event
  • Allow multiple event admins
  • Post network news
  • Create network groups

...and much more. Go here to learn more about networks.