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Fogolar Furlan Pickleball

Oct 03, 2020
Windsor, Ontario
Network coordinator:
General Manager
ATTENTION PICKLEBALLERS: Pickleball Play will resume Tuesday July 20, 2021.

Please read all Policies and Rules below.

Updated July 14, 2021

Scheduled Play Times: Monday-Friday: 9:00 am -10:00 pm

2-hr Maximum Block/Group - Check in at Member's Lounge for Payment

Court Rental Rates/Court: $25/court for 2-hr before 4 pm booking
$30/court for 2-hr after 4 pm booking

• This document includes actions to be taken by Pickleball players on behalf of the Fogolar Furlan Club Windsor.
• Each player will be responsible for implementing and following the guidelines below.
• By reserving a court, players accept the guidelines and will ensure the safety of other players, our staff and guests.
• Players play at your own risk of injury. Fogolar Furlan is not responsible for any injury due to negligence, lost or stolen items, or failure to comply with the written guidelines.
• Failure to comply will result in cancellation of play and could result in the closure of the facility for future access.


1. Players and volunteers must always be 2 metres (6 feet) apart, including while performing opening cleaning and setup, waiting for playing time, during play, and celebrations (e.g., No High Fives or Handshakes)
2. A maximum of 8 players per court will be allowed. Masks must be worn while waiting to substitute into a game.
3. As courts are located indoors, masks are to be worn at all times while in the building, aside from the courts of play
5. NO MORE THAN 10 PEOPLE will be allowed in any given room at one time. NO SPECTATORS ARE ALLOWED
6. Players may bring their own chairs for sitting (socially distanced) or spectating while waiting to sub in.


1. Masks are to be worn by all individuals entering the building and outside of play area. Eyewear is highly recommended during gameplay. Masks can be removed while on courts during game play. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please do not participate if you do not or cannot accept this guideline
2. Players should bring their own water and hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes to clean hands frequently. Hand sanitizing is required upon entry/exit of the building
3. Sharing of personal items or equipment (e.g., chairs, towels, paddles, balls etc.) is forbidden. Each player should bring their own equipment.
4. Balls should be clearly marked to identify them uniquely.
5. Players will only serve and touch their own ball. When another player’s ball needs to be returned to them, it will be rolled or hit to them with a paddle, without touching the ball in any way.
6. Balls should be disinfected in between games and should not be shared among players. Players are to remove their own balls from the playing area at the end of each game.
7. Players are encouraged not to switch ends while playing. If switching does take place, then crossover on the opposite sides of the court
8. Washrooms are opened to a maximum of 2 people at the same time. Alternate sinks, urinals and toilet stalls are to be used to reduce contact by guests. Units not being used will be covered with garbage bags. Washrooms are on an hourly cleaning schedule throughout the day.
9. High touch surface areas (gates, door handles, etc.) will be disinfected throughout the course of the day. Doors to the playing area will be kept open to the best of our ability to limit contact with surfaces


1. Singles and doubles play allowed
2. Reservations are a minimum of a one-hour block and maximum of 2 hours is allowed per reservation
3. Reservations made online only – first come – first served basis
4. No hold-over dates or long-term reservations will be accepted
5. Players should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their reservation time.
6. Upon arrival, please enter the Main Entrance, located on the east side of the building under the drive through canopy. The lobby will have an area to drop off shoes, boots and coats. Check into the MEMBER’S LOUNGE where payment will be taken as before. The Member’s Lounge entrance is located on the Southwest side of the main building, just around the corner from the Fogolar Furlan Office


1. Are exhibiting flu-like symptoms or any known COVID-19 symptoms (e.g. fever, cough, difficulty breathing, etc.)
2. Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 and/or flu like symptoms in the previous 14 days
3. Have been outside of Canada in the previous 14 days and/or
4. Are considered vulnerable or at risk (e.g Elderly individuals or those suffering from a chronic medical condition)
5. If an individual has symptoms of COVID-19, they will be told to self-isolate at home, encouraged to complete Ontario’s self-assessment tool at: assessment/ and to call their primary care provider or
Telehealth Ontario (1-866-797-0000) or Windsor-Essex County Health Unit
(1-800-265-5822)for an assessment.
WECHU will provide additional direct measures in response to a suspected or confirmed case


All players with reservations will be contacted in the event of a cancellation or rescheduling via the Global Pickleball Network.

All guests will sign a Contact Tracing Form that will be located at the entrance of the Pickleball area. This will include Player’s full name, telephone number and date of visit. This will assist WECHU in the investigation of a positive case of COVID-19. In the event of an outbreak, these patrons will be informed of the situation and further instruction will follow.


Robert M. Kelly
General Manager

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Paula Pavan - 6 days, 3 hours
Dear Fogo Pickleballers. We hope you're happy to be back playing with us! Please note that we will be CLOSED - For the August 2nd CIVIC Holiday. Any reservations on that day will be cancelled and the players will be notified. Have a great long weekend Folks!

Paula Pavan - 7 months, 3 weeks
Looking for last-minute gifts for the Pickleball players in your life? Avoid the shopping madness and consider a FOGO PICKLEBALL GIFT CARD! There are 4 options to choose from: 10 - 2 hr. court rentals from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm for only $200! (A $250 Value). 10 - 2 hr. court rentals from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm (Primetime) for only $250! (A $300 Value). Five - 2 hr. court rentals from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm for only $100! (A $125 Value) and Five 2-hour court rentals from 4:00 to 10:00 pm (Primetime) for only $125! (A $150 Value).

We also offer Fogolar Gift Cards that can be used for any of the services we offer such as our Fogo2Go curbside pick-up! Please call the Office at 519-966-2230 for more details!

Our Members' Bar and banquet facilities are closed at this time and we are focusing on curbside pick-up through our Fogo2Go Service. Fogolar Pickleball Members will receive 10% off any order of $50 or more!
Curbside pick-up is available Wednesdays - Sundays from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The last day for pick-up in time for the Holidays is Wednesday, December 23rd.

Menus are available on our website and our Facebook page and Instagram!

Thank you for your support! Viva Pickleball!

General Manager - 8 months, 1 week
Greetings Fogo Pickleball Community.

I am sorry to announce that this will be our last message for a little while but not forever. Due to the Province's announcement today to move Windsor-Essex into Stage Red, we will be stopping all Pickleball activity as of Monday November 30th, 2020. There will be too many restrictions to allow it to run in our facility as it was intended to be. Doubles play will be prohibited, and only 10 people will be allowed in any given facility. Anyone who would like to play through to Sunday November 29th are welcome to reserve as usual or if you currently have a reservation, it is still valid. After that, please check back for announcements of when we are set to return to play.

I want to thank everyone who were able to support us over the past couple of months. I know some of you did not have a chance to play, but for those of you who have, I had a blast getting to meet you and share in all the fun playing and observing everyone's style of play. It has been an honour to be a part of this wonderful community and looking forward to starting things up again soon. The Fogolar Furlan is very appreciative and thinks of you as part of our family now. We will be back as soon as we possibly can, with new and exciting ideas to attract some new players, a youth program and maybe a few surprises!

Thank you all again and if we don't speak soon enough, may your families have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season!

Please stay safe and healthy. We want to see you all back here soon!


Dino Quattrociocchi
General Manager, Fogolar Furlan Windsor

General Manager - 8 months, 2 weeks
Hello again everyone.
Further to yesterday's communication point #7, Extra players/subs/or reserves cannot be in the playing area/room/courtside while not taking part in an actual game at this time. They must wait either in the Main Lobby, Lounge or in the corridor between the courts. These individuals MUST still be masked and socially distanced to a minimum of 6ft apart while waiting to play. Should the Windsor Essex County Health Unit provide any further guidance on this matter, we will adjust accordingly

Sorry for any confusion that may have been communicated


Dino Quattrociocchi
General Manager, Fogolar Furlan Windsor

General Manager - 8 months, 2 weeks
Attention Fogo Pickleballers:
Due to the Ontario Government assignment of Windsor-Essex into Stage Orange(Restrict), we will be adjusting to some of the new guidelines for this stage, in order to keep all of us safe and healthy and doing what is necessary to continue offering Pickleball at this location for as long as possible. Your assistance in this matter is of the upmost importance, and we appreciate all of the positive reinforcement and support you have shown us over the past 6 weeks.

Here are some of the changes that will take place, as of MONDAY NOVEMBER 23RD. Please pass this information along to all of your group members if they have not already received this communication. Also remember that attending Pickleball is considered a bit of a risk and not an essential activity at this stage. It is your responsibility to ensure that you and those around you are safe by doing your part.

1. Entrance to the courts will now be at the Main Entrance on the East side of the building. Please park your vehicle in the East Parking Lot and enter the building under the canopy indicated by Canada and Friuli Halls.

2. There will be hand sanitizer, and an area to leave your boots, shoes and coats designated for each court. Please keep all wet items in that Lobby area, however, bags, purses and personal belongings should be taken with you into the court area

3. There will be a series of standard COVID 19 screening questions for you before entering the court area and ALL members of your reservation MUST sign in with their names and phone numbers.

4. You MUST sanitize before entering the court area and when leaving it as well, such as to use the restrooms or going into the Lounge area

5. Masks MUST be worn at all times when not on the courts and playing your games

6. You ARE NOT to entre the court area until your scheduled time, or the group before you has left the rooms and the play areas are cleared. Please be courteous of the group coming in after you by winding down games 10 minutes prior to the end of your scheduled time to ensure you are out before the next group is scheduled to come in. This is a serious matter and could lead to your group being asked to leave for non-compliance.

7. No more than 4 players per court will be allowed in the court area. Any spares, reserves or those waiting to play can be in the room while game play is taking place. Individuals not playing , must wait in he Lobby Area or in the Lounge. Once it is their turn to play, they may enter and replace the players who are no longer playing. THIS MAY CHANGE UPON FURTHER DISCUSSION WITH WECHU

8. Eye protection is highly recommended during play. Each player should have their own ball for service and equipment should not be shared without thorough disinfection.

9. Payment will still be taken in the Lounge Area, as before, or staff will come into the room to collect, depending on availability

10.Seating in the Lounge is limited to 4 people per table for indoor dining and a maximum of 50 people permitted in the entire facility, inclusive of all pickleball players, other events taking place in other rooms of the facility and patrons in the Members Lounge.

We appreciate your cooperation in following these guidelines. We will do our best to keep you informed of any additional changes going forward. The more precautions we take today will lead to a longer time frame that we will continue to be able to enjoy this sport that everyone loves so much.

Thank you again and have a wonderful remainder to your weekend. Should you have further questions, please feel free to let me know.


Dino Quattrociocchi
General Manager, Fogolar Furlan Windsor

General Manager - 8 months, 3 weeks
Attention Fogo Pickleballers:
In lieu of the Ontario Government moving Windsor-Essex into Stage Yellow(Strengthened Measures) starting MONDAY NOVEMBER 16, 2020, I wanted to share the update and how it will affect Pickleball on our courts going forward, during this Stage.

Individuals who own the reservation are responsible for making their guests aware of all of our current guidelines, as well as, any changes or updates that may occur, as all of you are receiving this message. Our staff will also remind people as they come in, as much as possible. Failure to comply could lead your group from being suspended from play, fines to our business or even closure. The Fogolar takes this very seriously and we are doing our best to make everyone safe. Everyone in this Pickleball Community are also adults and should be able to self monitor, and follow basic rules which will be reiterated below...These are in addition to, and updates to our current gudelines found on our policy page as well as the Home page of the Fogolar GPN Booking Website. They are also found on the sign in tables at each court

1. Players WILL NOT be permitted to enter the courts/playing area until your designated playing time or the prior group has left the room first. If you are waiting to get on a court, you will need to be seated in the bar area, or in your vehicle, if you do not feel comfortable in the public space. With the increased demand for courts and the schedules filling up, there are plenty of back to back bookings. Walking in ahead of schedule, has proven to be a distraction for many players, and a safety issue when 2 large groups are entering and exiting at the same time. We will be looking at an alternative option for entry /exit of the building and courts within the next week, due to the upcoming cold and wet weather.

2. Players on the courts are to begin winding down their games 10 minutes prior to the end of your scheduled time, in order to finish your current game, get changed, and be out of the room before your scheduled time is up. NO NEW GAMES should be started during this 10 minute countdown. There are clocks on the bars of each room, so everyone should be well aware of when their time is expiring. This is a courtesy to the group coming in after you and the groups leaving before you.

3. Hand sanitizing stations are located at the sign in tables. All players should sanitize upon entry, in between games and when leaving the playing area at any time.

4. Chairs are now to be spaced to be spaced 3m(9ft apart) while spectating or waiting to play.

5. Masks are to be worn anytime you are away from the playing surface. NO EXCEPTIONS.

6. If you are going into the bar for drinks or food, a maximum of 6 people per table are permitted in this stage. We will do our best to accommodate a larger group at separate table while maintaining a maximum of 50 person capacity. We also have use of our Fogolar Room for additional indoor dining.

Thank you all again for your continued support. It has meant a lot to us here at the Fogolar. We understand that some of the guidelines are constricting, however, in order for us to remain open and offer Pickleball, and our food and beverages services, we ask for your understanding and patience during these times. Your safety and the safety of our employees is top of mind and hope that all of you remain healthy. We have a number of initiatives coming and we are excited to offer them to you! In the meantime, please do your part to make this process as seamless as possible. Should you have any questions, please feel free to let me know


Dino Quattrociocchi
General Manager, Fogolar Furlan Windsor

General Manager - 9 months
Attention Fogo Pickelballers....
Just an quick note to let you all know that due to overwhelming demand for courts, we are opening our courts on Sundays from 11am-5pm for our Family Pickleball Sundays (see the site for information) and Mondays form 9am-10pm. Please check the booking schedule for open times.

Thank you all again and have a wonderful day!


Dino Quattrociocchi
General Manager, Fogolar Furlan Windsor

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