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Boulder Area Pickleball

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Nov 19, 2020
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Boulder, Colorado
A network for any and all pickleball players in the greater Boulder area. Welcome!

Use this site to set up games, find players, communicate with each other. You can set up games to be either public or invite-only so it's great for organizing drop-in times as well as for scheduling times for your pod/small group.

There's a Comments section if you want to post general questions to the group, and there are ways to send emails to selected people.

We're all trying it out for a while to see if it works for us. Invite other players you know to join - the larger the group gets, the more useful the network will be.

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If you prefer to play with the same group of people, you can create a group and then when you schedule a play time, only the people in your group get notified.  To create a group, click on GROUPS, then Create A Group, give your group a name, select the players and click SUBMIT.  Your group will now show up as an option when you are scheduling play time.


We've discovered 3 different places you can post messages and comments (can make it confusing until you figure out where you really want your post to appear).

1) There is a comment section down further on this page, good for general posts.

2) You can post comments on the specific play times, and anyone registered for that play time will get notified of a post.  Click on the play time and you'll see a Play Session Chat section.  This is handy because it keeps all the messages related to one play time together.

3) You can post under an individual's name.  Click on their name and you'll see a Post Comment section.


Getting Notified When Someone Sets Up A Time To Play
When you add a play time to the calendar, the system sends a notification to the people you've designated - either everyone in the Boulder Area Pickleball network or your smaller group that you've created.

When the system actually sends out the notification to each person is based on their preference.  You can change the timing of these notifications in your own profile - e.g. get the notifications immediately, once per day, etc.  We suggest you start out with "immediate" so you get notified as soon as someone posts something.  After a bit you can change the frequency.

To change how often you receive notifications from the system:
Click on the bell icon in the top right of the screen
Click on Update Your Notification Settings
Choose when you want to receive notifications


Reserving A Court
This network organizes players and events (play times) but does not reserve a court for you. If you are setting up a time to play at a city court, you can either
1) take your chances that a court will be open or
2) reserve a court through the City's system

Reserve the whole tennis court rather than the pickleball court and you'll get 2 courts for the price of one.
South Boulder Recreation Center Outdoors
Tennis Court #3 = Pickleball Courts #1&2 (east side)
Tennis Court #4 = Pickleball Courts #3&4 (west side)

East Boulder Community Center Outdoors
The pickleball courts don't show up on the reservation system, so reserve
Tennis Court #5

North Boulder Recreation Center Ourdoors
Tennis Court #1 = Pickleball Courts #1&2

Network Events
Jan 15 - Jan 21
Where is everyone playing pickleball? Use an event to attract other network players to meet at a specific court to play some pickleball. Learn more.

Go to Boulder, Colorado to view events for the entire area, and not just this network.

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Carl Roedel - 3 minutes
we are playing at south tomorrow at 9:30 . come join us

Michele Seipp - 1 month
Front page of the Daily Camera!!
Dedicated player, Cliff Moss, shoveling the courts at South Boulder. the photo is posted on the right side of this page, in Network Media
Thank you Cliff!

grace thomson - 1 month, 2 weeks
I need a 4th player for Monday at Apex with 3 others. Time 2:30-4:30
female3.00 to 3.75

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