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Mansfield Fire Citizens Academy Indoor Valentine Challenge

3 Day Indoor Tournament @ MAC Tues - Thurs. Maximum of 8 teams per event All Round Robin First Matches start 9 am. Practice 8:10 am 4 Indoor courts. Green Gamma's. Cost $30 per person and $15 per event. Includes lunch. Discount of $10 off entry fee of First Responders and $5 Discount for MAC Members. Max discount is $10 and max cost per player is $60 for up to 3 events. $50 max for first responders and $55 max for MAC members. Waiver is required if you didn't play in MAC's Nov 2021; Apr 2022 or Aug 2022 tournament's. Winners based on total points. Final placement of players by TD.

Entry by online on this site gives me information on players desiring to play. Final registration to the tournament is waiver if required and payment.
Payment: Paypal: dallas.pickleball@gmail.com (use friends option so no fees are taken out); Make checks payable to: Maurice Miller email me for a mailing address. Zelle: 469-323-0123 (Maurice Miller), Venmo: Maurice-Miller-52 , Cash App: $dallaspb69. Any questions text or email.
Special Note on start times. The first event each day should start on time. The 2nd, 3rd or 4th events are approximate depending on the amount of entries.

Mixed Doubles. 2 Divisions per Event(Intermediate 2.0 - 2.9 AND Advance 3.0+)
Event 1: Ages 30 -64 both Intermediate and Advance, Starts 9am Practice 8:10am.
Event 2 Ages 65+ both Intermediate and Advance. Event starts approx 11:15 am

Women Morning (Start 9 am Practice 8:10 am)
Event 1: Ages 30 -64 both Intermediate and Advance
Women's Doubles Starting around 11:15 am
Event 2: Ages 65+ both Intermediate and Advance.
Wednesday Afternoon:
Event 3: Ages 30 -64 Men's Singles Open starts around 1:00 pm
Event 4 Ages 65+ Men's Singles Open starts around 1:00 pm

Feb 16 Thursday
Event 1: First Responders morning (1 Event Ages 25+ any Skill Level Any Gender format) (ONLY AGE 25+ Requirement is Different SPECIAL EVENT) Starts 9 am Practice starts 8:10 am.

Men's Doubles Morning (Start approximately 11:15 am)
Event 2: Advance: Ages 30 -49 and Ages 50 -64; Intermediate Ages 30 - 64
Event 3: Men's Senior Doubles Ages 65+ both Intermediate and Advance.

Maurice "Andy" Miller
USA Pickleball Ambassador - Dallas
IPTPA Level 1 Certified - PB Instructor
Selkirk Advocate - Selkirk.com use Code: ADV-MMILLER
Pickleball Central Ambassador discount code: ARMMiller
c 469-323-0123 e: dallas.pickleball@gmail.com
Tournament Events
PB Tournament Checkin starts 8:10 am Practice 8:15 - 8:50 am. Tournament Rules 8:51 - 8:59. Match Play starts 9 am.
Feb 2023
09:00 am
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Mansfield Fire Citizens Academy Indoor Valentine Challenge is a pickleball tournament in Dallas, Texas.
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