FAC Test League

Aurora, Colorado
April 22, 2021 - April 22, 2022
Pickleball League Id: 58
Pickleball League
Rank Picture Team Name
Home Court: Apex Pickleball Courts
Pickleball League Coordinator
Mike Hanbery
Pickleball League Description
Pickleball League Details
1. The league is located in, and around:
Country: United States
State: Colorado
City: Aurora

2. The league is open to the following players:
Playing Level: 2.00 to 6.00
Gender: All

3. There is no entry fee.

4. This league will begin 2021-04-22 and end 2022-04-22.

5. Any of the following match formats can be used:

Anything goes: Players decide what type of match they would like to play.

Example scores: 5-3, 8-2 or 21-20, 21-18

6. The following system will be used to compute points earned per match.

Custom Points: This system allows you to determine how many points are awarded for playing a match, winning a match, set, or even a game.

Points for winning a match: 10
Points for playing a match: 2
Pickleball League Format
Doubles PositionsCombined Levels
#1 doubles4.0 to 4.0
#2 doubles4.0 to 4.0
#3 doubles4.0 to 4.0
#4 doubles4.0 to 4.0
#5 doubles4.0 to 4.0
#6 doubles4.0 to 4.0
#7 doubles4.0 to 4.0
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