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Pickleball offers aerobic exercise, giving players the chance to move around on the court at any level of intensity they'd like.
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New Pickleball evening classess offered by Markham Wesley Centre!

The centre had been offering pickleball classes for years and is coached by an experienced coach.

Coach Andrew Ng is a trained, certified Pickleball Instructor with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), under the auspices of the Coaching Association of Canada. 

He is a multi-discipline sports coaching professional who: ?

  • Is a full-time Tennis and Pickleball Coach in Toronto, Canada with 12 years of coaching experience
  • Has led Group Cardio Tennis classes for over 6 years.
  • Plays Pickleball competitively and coaches Pickleball full-time for the past 7 years

He is currently:

  • Certified Pickleball Coach in Canada with NCCP (Level II)
  • Head Coach at Wesley Community Centre, Markham & Coaches at Markham Pickleball Club
  • Pickleball Coach at local schools, volunteer coaching at local community centres and Group Pickleball clinics
Lesson Sessions
Name Ages Level Start Date End Date Location
Pickleball Beginner - Level 2.5 below8+BeginnerJun 19, 2023Jul 31, 2023Markham, Ontario
Pickleball Beginner - Level 2.5 below8+BeginnerJun 19, 2023Jul 31, 2023Markham, Ontario
Pickleball Intermediate8+IntermediateJun 06, 2023Jun 27, 2023Markham, Ontario
Pickleball Intermediate8+IntermediateJun 05, 2023Jun 26, 2023Markham, Ontario
Lesson Events
this class runs from 6/5-6/26, https://www.markhamwesley.com/Admin/BuySell/DispBuySell.aspx?TopMenuID=10002&menuID=56
Jun 2023
09:00 pm
This class runs from 6/6-6/27, details at https://www.markhamwesley.com/Admin/BuySell/DispBuySell.aspx?TopMenuID=10002&menuID=56
Jun 2023
03:00 pm
Pickleball Recreational Beginner - Level 2.5 belowMay 2023
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Colleen Scherberger
1 week, 5 days
Hello. I am interested in registering for the pickleball beginner A series (level 2.5 below). Evening session. The dates on this site do not mesh with the dates at the main page for the Markham Wesley Centre. Any clarification is appreciated.

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