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Joseph Palmere
A 3-hour clinic for 5 mid-level players to learn the skill sets needed for 4.0 play: get to the net quickly as a team; ball control (placement, depth & height) when dinking; take pace off ball; reset point & execute put-away-shot; minimize faults during game; reset feet with ready position; communicate with partner; keep opponents away from net; poach & stacking. The objective is to help mid-level players to advance to the 4.0 level.
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This on-court clinic was developed and is instructed by a Professional IPTPA Certified Pickleball Level II Coach.  "Coach Joe " is also a Certified Professional Pickleball Rating Specialist CRS-4.  The Coach will explain how each skill is executed in a clear & concise manner. Then there is a brief demonstration of the skill. Now players will demo the paddle motion and foot movement of the skill without a ball with performance feedback from the Coach. Each skill will be practiced with a ball and opponents on the opposite court. Coaching Feedback will be provided during this activity. The purpose of the skill will be explained and supplemented with diagrams in a Home Study Handout to each player. Lat 30 minutes of the clinic, players will participate in modified games of 6 points for players to practice and execute all of the 4.0 skills sets they learned and receive positive coaching feedback.  Upon completion of the on-court practicing,  players will be provided with Certificates of Achievement for successfully completing the 4.0 Skills Clinic.  Players will also be provided with the Coaches contact information should they need additional free help to master these skill sets. Finally, a "question & answer segment, including a, satisfaction poll, and player critique comments will occur at the conclusion of the clinic.

Coach Joe's Advanced Pickleball Spin Clinic
2018 First PPR Workshop Hilton Head SC
Coach Joe
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Skills Needed For 4.0 Pickleball21+IntermediateSep 08, 2023Sep 09, 2023White Marsh, Maryland
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Jeff Murveit
3 weeks, 2 days
What is cost? Date is several months from now,please remind of event again later in summer.

Joseph Palmere
1 month, 1 week
Coach Joe's Mission is to teach new players how to play pickleball and to help experienced players improve the skill sets.

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