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Brian Zagula
Pickleball is a sport I am truly passionate about. Beyond simply playing the sport and competing competitively, I am President of MiraBay Pickleball Club and Lead Instructor in my community.
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Phone 18138479027
Email pbcoach002@gmail.com
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Perfect for those brand new to the game or looking to improve their current skill set. Classes include building an overall understanding of the game, court positioning, constructive shot selection, volleying, dinking, and technique for executing basic shots. 

My coaching strategy is structured around player development, regardless of level of play. This is achieved by doing the following:
- Focused skill training that concentrates on effective goals
- Interactive drilling and play
- Keeping an appropriate sense of perception. What is realistically needed to improve
- Video and research analysis. Actually reviewing progress and developing a plan
- Communication. Explaining clearly what we are working on and what is needed as a player/coach partnership

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