Pickleball Lessons at the Carson City MAC

Pickleball Lessons

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Mae Hiatt
The Carson City Parks and Recreation Department now offers a variety of pickleball lessons for people who'd like to learn more about the game of pickleball. Currently there are two main classes offered at the Carson City MAC - Intro to Pickleball and Advanced Beginners Pickleball. Both classes are offered during the day and also in the evenings.
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Intro to Pickleball is a 4 session class that will introduce new players to the fun sport of pickleball.  Participants will learn the fundamentals for game play including game rules, basic serving and hitting (dinks and volleys), plus proper scoring instruction.  

Four 90-minute sessions.  


Advanced Beginners Pickleball is a 6 session class that is meant for participants who are familiar with the basics of Pickleball but wish to improve strategy, accuracy and overall gameplay.  Participants will improve their skills in dinking, volleying, court position, gameplay strategy, etc.  

Six 90-minute sessions


Lessons take place at the Carson City MAC at 1860 Russell Way in Carson City, NV  There are day classes and evening classes as well. 

You can register for classes at www.carson.org/ccpr  For more info, visit www.pickleballwithmae or contact Mae Hiatt 

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