Oakland IKUNA Pickleball Club
Montclair, California
55 members
Members: 55
Founded: Sep 05, 2021
Location: Montclair, California
Network organizer:
Freddie Ika
The Oakland IKUNA Pickleball Club provides a fun, healthy, recreational activity for its members and guests while promoting exercise, development of skills, and the enjoyment of Pickleball.

Oakland IKUNA Pickleball Club’s mission: To promote pickleball through education, drills, clinics & competitive tournaments for residents and visitors, as well as providing opportunities for social activities. Our overall theme is to encourage sportsmanship, camaraderie, and safety through fun & exercise.

To promote and teach the game of Pickleball to all Bay Area residents and visitors.
To encourage sportsmanship and camaraderie through fun and exercise
To maximize playing opportunities for everyone
To provide opportunities for skill development and competition
To advocate for new and improved playing venues
To support the Bay Area communities through volunteer activities.
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Oakland IKUNA Pickleball Club is a network of pickleball players located in Montclair, California
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