Polynesian Pickleball Club

4.0+ Skill Level Fall Ladder Tournament

Hayward, California
November 27, 2021
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The bracket has not been finalized, and the bracket has not yet started.
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--(A) Doug Pearson
--(B) Tevita Tonga / Itaisa Tonga
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Round 1
Doug PearsonTevita Tonga
Itaisa Tonga
Doug Pearson----
Tevita Tonga
Itaisa Tonga
Matches Won
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This tournament is open to any pairing whether Mixed Doubles , Men’s Doubles, or Women’s Doubles but you’ll compete in your skill level. Age does not matter. All community members invited and encouraged to sign up and play. This is a one day event. Round robin format. Call or text Alyn with any questions or concern. 310-686-3208
Bracket Teams
Tevita Tonga - 5.50 / Itaisa Tonga - 5.00
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4.0+ Skill Level Fall Ladder Tournament is a pickleball tournament in Hayward, California.
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Alyn Toalepai
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