Pickleball Networks in Anderson Indiana

There are 4 pickleball networks in Anderson Indiana. These networks were all created by members of GPN. A network is a great way to organize all your pickleball friends, and events. If you can't find a network in your area, create one.
BCC Pickleball Pickleball NetworkBCC Pickleball
Members: 180   Location: Anderson, Indiana
This is an open network for anyone that PLAYS at Bethany Christian Church (BCC) in...
CommunitySW Pickleball Pickleball NetworkCommunitySW Pickleball
Members: 302   Location: Pendleton, Indiana
This network is for people playing at the Community Sports and Wellness facility in...
Muncie YMCA Pickleball NetworkMuncie YMCA
Members: 84   Location: Muncie, Indiana
This network is to connect Pickleball players in the Muncie area into playing at the...
MCPA Pickleball NetworkMCPA
Members: 54   Location: Anderson, Indiana