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This is an overview of all things pickleball in Toronto, Ontario. From here, you can quickly see all the pickleball leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Toronto, Ontario.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a pickleball partner, and get to know the pickleball players near you.

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Looking for a pickleball partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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Cici Xia      Markham, Ontario
3 days, 12 hours
Hi, I just learned pickleball and am excited to play. Looking for Pickleball players that is 2.5 or better. Everyday morning sessions play at Markham Pan Am Center.
femalesenior2.50 to 3.50

Raj Patel      Oakville, Ontario
1 week, 4 days
Any players in Oakville/ Burlington keen to play ?

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
5 months
The best way to meet new players, organize play times, track matches, and receive a calculated playing level, is to play in a ladder league. Running a ladder league is free, and anyone can start one in minutes.

Learn more here:

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
1 month, 1 week
Here is a step by step guide to starting a pickleball club:

Mike Bowcott      Kings College Park
3 years, 1 month
Richmond Hill has built its first two outdoor Pickleball courts at Kings College Park. You can access them by parking in the Adrienne Clarkson Public School parking lot.

Renee Tyberg      Toronto, Ontario
3 months, 3 weeks
Hello. I’m brand new to pickleball. I’d like to find a partner to practice with. I live in North York.

Chuck Allen      Vaughan, Ontario
1 month, 4 weeks
For those of you located anywhere near King City/Nobleton, there are evening drop-in sessions on Tuesday night (6-9) at the King City Elementary School and Wednesday night (6-9) at theNobleton Elementary School with 3 nets. Beginners as well as 2.5-3.5. Drop In fee is $5.

Sara Shear      Vaughan, Ontario
1 month, 4 weeks
Hi everyone, We are excited to share our first newsletter (and our brand-new logo) with you. Here is the link (enjoy reading): http://surl.li/dwzkg

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
2 months, 2 weeks
Surprise friends and family by gifting them a premium membership. Go here:

Philip Lu      Markham, Ontario
3 months, 1 week
Hi, I am looking for a place for drop in to play pickle ball in Markham anytime from 10am-5pm, thanks

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Local Events
Jan 28 - Feb 03 Add
Where is everyone playing pickleball? Use an event to organize play sessions for a group of players. Players can rsvp for an event, and the system takes care of the rest. Learn more.
Local Pickleball Courts
Public Club School Private
Wellesley Park
500 Wellesley St E, Toronto

1.54 m
Ramsden Park Outdoor Rink
Pears Ave, Toronto

1.65 m
Cedarvale Park
443 Arlington Ave, Toronto

3.66 m
Queensway Park
8 Avon Park Dr, Toronto

6.45 m
Tom Riley Park
3216 Bloor St W, Toronto

7.06 m
Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre
40 Titan Rd, Toronto

7.11 m
Humber Valley Park
54 Anglesey Blvd, Toronto

7.12 m
Rotary Peace Park
25 Eleventh St, Toronto

7.42 m
Princess Anne Park
18 Prince George Dr, Toronto

7.96 m
Westway Park
175 The Westway, Toronto

8.29 m
Mayfair Clubs West (North York)
3855 Chesswood Dr, Toronto

8.49 m
Glen Park
44A Eastglen Crescent, Toronto

8.51 m
Garnetwood Park
1996 Rathburn Rd E, Mississauga

10.50 m
Dufferin Clark Community Centre
1441 Clark Ave W, Vaughan

10.81 m
R.J Clatworthy Arena
2400 John St, Markham

11.81 m
Thornlea Secondary School
8075 Bayview Ave, Markham

12.27 m
Giovanni Caboto Park
Chancellor Dr, Woodbridge

13.14 m
Kings College Park
100 Chalmers Rd, Richmond Hill

13.32 m
Toronto Waldorf School
9100 Bathurst St, Vaughan

13.69 m
Maxey Park
181 Willis Rd, Vaughan

13.79 m
Markham Civic Centre
101 Town Centre Blvd, Markham

14.22 m
Markham Pan Am Centre
16Main St, Unionville

14.42 m
Julliard Public School
61 Julliard Dr, Vaughan

14.54 m
Nellie McClung Public School
360 Thomas Cook Ave, Vaughan

14.61 m
Aaniin Community Centre
5665 14th Ave, Markham

14.93 m
Meadowwood Tennis Club
665 Meadow Wood Rd, Mississauga

14.98 m
King Square Sports Centre
9390 Woodbine Ave unit 2BQ1, Markham

15.15 m
Al Palladini Community Centre
9201 Islington Ave, Vaughan

15.55 m
Town Park
102 Centre St E, Richmond Hill

15.60 m
Richmond Hill United Church
10201 Yonge St, Richmond Hill

15.64 m
The Swing School
225 McNaughton Rd E, Vaughan

15.74 m
Maple Community District Park
101 Mcnaughton Rd E, Maple, Ontario, Maple

15.77 m
Rouge Woods Community Centre
110 Shirley Dr, Richmond Hill

15.94 m
Beverley Acres Public School
283 Neal Dr, Richmond Hill

16.41 m
Brookmede Park
2254 Council Ring Rd, Mississauga

16.64 m
Sheridan Tennis Club
2405 Homelands Dr, Mississauga

16.88 m
Richmond Green Park Pickleball Pop-Up Courts
1300 Elgin Mill Rd E, Richmond Hill

17.15 m
Richmond Hill Pickleball
11160 Yonge St, Richmond Hill

17.30 m
Peel Village Park
41 Watson Crescent, Brampton

17.54 m
Markham Tennis Club
73 Wootten Way N, Markham

17.57 m
Cornell Community Centre
3201 Bur Oak Ave, Markham

17.71 m
Wismer Park
Castlemore Ave, Markham

17.87 m
Moraine Hills Public School
85 Rollinghill Rd, Richmond Hill

18.17 m
Drinkwater Community Park
15 Drinkwater Rd, Brampton

19.11 m
William Rose Park
455 Wheat Boom Dr., Oakville

20.10 m
Fowley Park
106 Fowley Dr, Oakville

20.90 m
River Oaks Community Centre
2400 Sixth Line, Oakville

21.22 m
George Savage Park
3200 George Savage Ave, Oakville

22.05 m
Saw Whet Park
Bronte Rd, Oakville

24.36 m

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Richmond Hill, Ontario
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Richmond Hill, Ontario
Vivian Li
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Jim Kostin
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Annette Pymm
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Igor Voron
Vaughan, Ontario
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