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Organize a Pickleball Ladder League & Get a Free Paddle!


​At Global Pickleball Network, we believe we have the best ladder league software available. Now all we need are people using it!!

So to get people using our software, we are offering a free pickleball paddle (up to $120 value) to any organizer who creates a ladder league, and gets at least 20 matches played in October of 2019.

We are confident you will love our ladder league software, and will use it for years to come. We also offer team league and tournament software!

Hopefully, we have to buy a lot of paddles at a great expense. :)

You can learn more about our ladder league software here:

Go here to see a list of all active ladder leagues in the order they were created:

How to Get Started

​1). Register for Global Pickleball Network.
2). Create a ladder league for free. You can run a singles or doubles ladder league.
3). Invite your players, or add them manually to the ladder.
4).  Start submitting your matches.
5). Contact us via email by November 7th, 2019 to let us know you completed the 20 matches. You can email me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
6). Once we confirm your eligibility, we will get your address and send you your paddle!


​1). Must be in the United States or Canada.
2). Must submit legitimate matches that are played by real pickleball players.
3). Each match must have at least 11 points played.
4). Matches must be played during  the month of October 2019.
5). Matches must be unique. The same matches cannot be submitted on multiple ladders. 
6). The same opponents can only play twice, and still be counted as a match.
7). All players on the ladder matches must be registered. Although you can initially add players as non-registered, all players will eventually need to upgrade.
8). Ladders must have been created after Sept 18th 2019 to qualify. 
9). We will use your preferred online store to purchase and deliver your paddle. We can also send a gift card if that is easier.
10). One paddle per person. 
11). We are limited to giving away 25 paddles. So, the first 25 organizers to contact us will qualify. We will announce the winners in the comments below.

Keep in mind, these rules are not meant to make it difficult to qualify for the prize, they are just mean to protect us from giving away the prize too easily.

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