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Our Favorite Pickleball Facilities in America


The growing popularity of pickleball has resulted in the development of some amazing facilities throughout the United States. Here are four of our favorites:

Little Valley Pickleball Complex

About: The facility hosts a variety of pickleball events including lessons, clinics, leagues, youth pickleball, and tournaments; they have hosted the USAPA West Regional tournament in 2016 and Hunstman World Senior Games. 

Details: 24 public outdoor courts & lights

Location: Saint George, Utah

Court Listing: https://www.globalpickleball.network/pickleball-courts/courts/pickleball-court-page/court/25-the-fields-at-little-valley

Check out this video shot by the Pickleball Channel, showcasing the Little Valley Pickleball Complex during the Huntsman World Senior Games. 

Chicken N Pickle

About: Chicken N Pickle is a brand new entertainment complex including a fast casual dining restaurant, 8 pickleball courts (4 indoor and 4 outdoor), a bar and entertainment space, food trucks, outdoor lawn games like ping pong and Jenga and a living room with fire pits and TV screens for your and your friends to catch your favorite game.

Details: 4 indoor & 4 outdoor courts

Location: Kansas City, Kansas

Court Listing: https://www.globalpickleball.network/pickleball-courts/courts/pickleball-court-page/court/336-chicken-n-pickle

Wyomia Tyus Olympic Park

About: This beautiful regional park of 164 acres was named after Olympic Gold medalist Wyomia Tyus who is from Griffin/Spalding County. Learn to Play clinics are held each Saturday, weather permitting. PaddleTek demo paddles are available to try out. Balls and merchandise are also available for purchase. "Reservations are not required and we welcome all who wish to learn how to play this fun, addictive activity that is the most rapidly growing recreational sport in the country."

Details:  18 public outdoor courts 

Location: Griffin, Georgia

Court Listing: https://www.globalpickleball.network/pickleball-courts/courts/pickleball-court-page/court/21-wyomia-tyus-olympic-park

East Naples Community Park

About: Home of the US Open Pickleball Championships! East Naples Community Park is a hub for both adult and youth activities with fitness programs, after school care, senior programs, playground and community center. Amenities include a Pro Shop, bathrooms and water. 

Details: 54 public outdoor courts  

Location: Naples, Florida

Court Listing: https://www.globalpickleball.network/pickleball-courts/courts/pickleball-court-page/court/12-east-naples-community-park

​Are you looking for a pickleball court near you? Search for more pickleball courts here:

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The growing popularity of pickleball has resulted in the development of some amazing facilities throughout the United States. Here are four of our favorites:Little Valley Pickleball ComplexAbout:...
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